Skin Care Routine

Happy Sunday! As Sunday for me is traditionally a wind down from the week resulting in lots of pampering and self-care, I thought what better way to honour it than with a skin care routine. Me and my skin have a complicated relationship; throughout my teens I’ve struggled with my spot-prone skin and my skincare is based around that, which means it wont be for everyone.

So lets get started…

After a long day (or week), my skincare always starts with removing my makeup. To do this I use “take the day off” cleansing balm by Clinique. Often after removing most of the makeup with a makeup wipe, I like to use simple wipes as I find they irritate my skin less that other brands. When using the cleansing balm I usually get a shock about how much makeup/dirt is still on my face even after using wipes! This isn’t where the cleansing stops though; I then wash my face using another product by Clinique, a cleaning bar which is part of the “anti-blemish solutions range”. This range helped me a lot back in 2014 when I struggled with acne and I’ve sworn by it ever since.

Now for the fun bit…face masks! Now I only do this step once of twice every week or my face dries out very quickly. I don’t have a particular face mask that I religiously use some of my favourites are the peel off range by 7th Heaven.

When the face mask has dried and been peeled I like to use the aloe vera toner by body shop. This help close and minimise pores until you wouldn’t even know they exist!

Finally, I use a blemish balm by Clinique on any blemishes I have right before I go to sleep along with hopes they will disappear over night.


Love Meg x


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