My First Post: 10 Facts About Me

Since i’m new here, i thought i’d break the ice and share a small blog post to allow you to get to know me. These facts will most likely be very boring but i’m trying…

Fact One.  Its probably very obvious but, this is my first ever blog post on my first ever blog.

Fact Two.   I am a student and work part time is a small town sweet shop.

Fact Three.    I am 18 years old.

Fact Four.   I am from Manchester, England.

Fact Five.   My family is very big and very close.

Fact Six.   I have a huuuge passion for beauty which ranges from; hair to makeup, to skin care.

Fact Seven.   In the very little time not in uni, i like to bake and go for walks with the two household fur babies.

Fact Eight.   One of my biggest dreams in life is to travel the world.

Fact Nine.   My favourite time of year would have to be autumn/winter, i mean who doesn’t love Halloween and Christmas!

Fact Ten.   These were more boring than i expected, but if you got this far thank you!!

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