The Get to Know Me Tag

  • What’s your middle name? Louise.
  • What’s your favourite colour? Black or Blue.
  • Who was your first best friend? Her name is Shannon, we still live on the same street today.
  • How tall are you? Not very, I’m about 5 Foot 4 I think.
  • Cats or Dogs? Both.
  • Funniest moment throughout school? I don’t think I could pin point one thing, school was so funny looking back.
  • How many countries have you visited? Around 14 I think.
  • Are you in/have you gone to college? In English terms I did go to college and no I am in university but for any Americans, I am in college.
  • What was your favourite/ worst subject in high school? Worst was 100% English I hated it, the best would either be science or art.
  • What is your favourite drink? I think it depends on the time of year, I love hot chocolate in the winter but things like slushs and lemonade in the summer.
  • What is your favourite animal? I loveeee all animals so don’t think I could favour one.
  • Favourite perfume? Loving Katy Perry mad poison at the minute (think that’s what its called).
  • Tea or coffee? Tea.
  • What would you name your children? I’m a big believer in thinking I wont know names until I have a child.
  • What’s sports do you play? none, I’m more academic than athletic.
  • What is your favourite book? I don’t really read much so I couldn’t say.
  • favourite youtubers? I really like watching day in the life videos so anyone who does them.
  • Favourite movie? I am loving watching the fast and furious and the sequels recently.
  • Single or Taken? Taken happily for nearly a year and half now. 
  • Ideal first date? Anything, I am very chill and would happily go and sit on a beach for hours just having a chat.
  • How many boyfriends have you had? Proper relationships I would say two.
  • Favourite memory for childhood? I loved my whole childhood and couldn’t pick one memory exactly to say it was my favourite.
  • Do you speak any different languages? no I’m boring.
  • Do you have any siblings? yes, two sisters and one brother.
  • How would you describe your fashion sense? Completely mixed, varies from homeless to red carpet.
  • Favourite Restaurant? I don’t have one.
  • Favourite TV shows? Love greys anatomy
  • PC or Mac? PC
  • What Phone do you have? An iphone
  • One of your bad habits. Sleeping for 12 hours or sleeping with my makeup on.

End of Placement- Day in the Life of a Student Nurse

So in January of this year I started my very first placement as a student nurse, I was placed in community with the health visitors. I remember getting the placement and being so disappointed, I wanted to work in a hospital so bad.

However, the 9 week placement has been amazing and I couldn’t fault a single thing. The relationship I have with my mentor meant that I was never made to feel like a spare part and felt very comfortable asking questions or speaking to her about any previous worries I had. The whole team was fantastic and ensured I had the best experience that I could, with many learning opportunities.

With being in community, it’s very hard to get the basic clinical skills you would get in a ward setting but I learned so much! I was able to assist with weighing babies, plotting the weights on the charts and speak with parents to grow my communication skills. I also sadly got to see many children in neglectful homes where I followed there cases and worked with parents to ensure the best life for the children. Unfortunately many parents didn’t assist us and didn’t follow the care plan resulting in the children being removed. It was very emotional to see.

Yesterday was my last day with the team and I now have 3 weeks off which will be spent doing assignments and revision and then back to uni. Seeing as I was disappointed with the placement 9 weeks ago, I really don’t want to leave and will miss everyone at the team greatly. They bought me cake and various other sweet treats to celebrate the time I spent with them, I even embarrassingly got emotional. I can’t believe how fast it has gone.

Thank you to the team for making my first placement such a good one…

Love Meg x

Passing Placement- Day in the Life of a Student Nurse

Yesterday my mentor had me doing my assessment for my placement (known as a DONA). I’m in community so there isn’t many practical things I could be assessed on so for the assessment I helped her conduct a visit with a patient.

We entered the house and I visited this family when the baby was born so introductions were already done a few weeks beforehand. We spoke to mum and asked her if she would like the baby to be weighed, she did. She got him undressed and placed him on the scaled. I recorded his weight, converted it and worked out how old this little boy was in weeks. After this I plotted his weight on the graph to see if he was following his centile, which he was. So I informed mum that he baby was gaining weight how we would expect him to and he was following his centile perfectly. She was an anxious mum so this reassurance calmed her down a lot.

After this my mentor began to talk to the patients mum about how she was and she assisted her in areas in which she was concerned. When we got back to the office my mentor helped me fill out my paperwork and informed me I had passed, which is so relieving in your first placement. I hope the next DONA I do this year will have the same outcome.


Love Meg x

Nursing School…Year 1

In September of 2017, I began a three year journey on the road to becoming a registered paediatric nurse. One of those three years will be coming to an end before I know it, so here’s a recap of the most emotional year of my life so far…

I decided to live at home during my studies so Fresher’s week for me wasn’t the typical turning up for lectures still drunk on the night before’s vodka. Even though I respect my decision to not live in student accommodation 7 months on, the week was a struggle. Commuting to and from university was tiring and seemed pointless for the fresher’s week lectures on what was expected of us as future nurses. Many students became friends with flat mates, where I was alone. Overall, I didn’t enjoy the course and was disappointed due to my high expectations.


The travel became easier and I got to know a lot of the girls in the course. The lectures were more engaging and I was beginning to feel a bit more relieved about my previous hatred of university life.


Placement began in January. It began to all make sense again of why I chose to do nursing in the first place. Even though I was placed in the community and I have not been exposed to much clinical practice, I could not fault the experience I have had! My mentor is amazing and made me feel comfortable from the get go, not once have I felt like a spare part. It 100% has made me excited and proud to be doing this course.

That brings us to now, March 2018. I’m 2 weeks of completing my first placement and I honestly can not wait for my second placement to begin in May! Wish me luck…

Love Meg x

Squirrel Feeding

Stop whatever you are doing, grab a bag of nuts and get to Chester, England.

Not long ago, my family and i spent a weekend away in Wales. On our way back home we decided to have the day out in Chester which resulted in one of the best things you will ever experience! After strolling through the thousands of shops available and enjoying the amazing views of the River Dee, we made it to a huge park.

We did spend time at this park on many occasions before this day but i tell you, the park comes alive during the autumn time. When the leaves begin to change colour, the squirrels come out to play. And i’m not talking about a rare glance at a squirrel every now and then when you turn into the dog from ‘Up’ shouting ‘Squirrel’ due to your obsession with animals. But in this very park, the squirrels fear nothing!

This is where the trip got interesting.

I don’t think my words could justify how amazing this was so i’ll just show you.


I think that this surreal experience should be had by everyone, i promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Love Meg X